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112004 November
Year 27
Pages 541 - 573

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Contents view 73 kB
Administrative Council
Decision of the Administrative Council of 29 October 2004 approving an amendment to the Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office view 49 kB
Enlarged Board of Appeal
- Information from the Enlarged Board of Appeal view 35 KB
- Referrals by boards of appeal view 40 KB
Decisions of the boards of appeal
- Legal Board of Appeal
J 24/03 - 3.1.1 - Time limit definition/N.N.
" Re-establishment of rights - concept of time limit"
view 104 KB
- Technical boards of appeal
T 711/99 - 3.3.7 - Transfer of opposition/L'OREAL
" Transfer of opposition (no)" - "Amendments - admissible (yes)" - "Novelty vis-à-vis documents referred to in notice of opposition" (yes)" - "New evidence: public prior use - late (yes) - relevant (no); new document - late (yes) - relevant (yes)" - "Remittal (yes)"

view 155 KB
Information from the EPO
- Notice from the European Patent Office dated 15. September 2004 concerning the electronic filing of priority documents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office view 45 KB
- Extension of European patents to Serbia and Montenegro (YU) view 39 KB
- List of professional representatives before the EPO view 57 kB
Information from the contracting/extension states
- LT Lithuania
Payment of renewal fees in Lithuania - Corrigendum

view 67 kB
- SK Slovakia
Slovakian Patent Office opens new sub-office

view 47 kB
International treaties
Accession by the Republic of San Marino (SM) view 28 kB
- Guidance for the payment of fees, costs and prices view 29 kB
Calendar of events
Calendar of events view 66 kB

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