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102004 October
Year 27
Pages 479 - 539

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European Patent Organisation
- Iceland accedes to the European Patent Convention view 66 kB
- Lithuania accedes to the European Patent Convention view 70 kB
Decisions of the Enlarged Board of Appeal
G 2/02 and G 3/02 - Priorities from India/ASTRAZENECA
" International applications - priorities from India" - "Applicability of Article 87(5) EPC" - "The position under the PCT" - "The EPO not party to TRIPS" - "Interpretation of Article 87 EPC - according to principles of public international law - in the light of obligations of contracting states under TRIPS"
view 237 KB
Information from the EPO
- Notice from the European Patent Office dated 15 September 2004 concerning the discontinuation of WebRegPro view 47 KB
- Validity of epoline® smart cards view 42 KB
- European qualifying examination
Examination Board for the European qualifying examination
view 46 kB
- List of professional representatives before the EPO view 76 kB
Information from the contracting states
- FR France
Payment of fees in France
view 47 kB
- PL Poland
Impact of the European Patent Convention on national law
view 153 kB
- RO Romania
Impact of the European Patent Convention on national law
view 132 kB
- Guidance for the payment of fees, costs and prices view 29 kB
Calendar of events
Calendar of events view 77 kB
Special edition of the OJ EPO 2004
Case Law
EPO Board of Appeal Case Law in 2003
view 1.2 kB

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