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062004 June
Year 27
Pages 309 - 355

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Decisions of the boards of appeal
Legal Board of Appeal
J 9/99 - 3.1.1 - General authorisation/DC
" Powers of the Legal Division - general authorisations - examination of the right to represent - yes - issuance of decision to reject registration - yes - only concerning parties within the authorisation process under Rule 101(2) - authorised and authorising parties - not third parties"
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Information from the EPO
Notice of the President of the European Patent Office dated 11 Mai 2004 concerning the extension of time limits according to Rule 85 EPC view 34 KB
- Examination Board for the European qualifying examination
Appointment of members of the examination committees
Examination results
view 35 kB
- Disciplinary matters
Appointment of members of the Disciplinary Board of the European Patent Office
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- List of professional representatives before the EPO view 103 kB
European patents - Strasbourg seminars to prepare for the EQE 2005, involving the European Patent Office and European patent practitioners view 69 kB
Introductory courses for CEIPI seminars on Papers C (Opposition) and D (Legal Questions) view 60 kB
Special course on Paper C (Opposition) for "multiple resitters" view 41 kB
Information from the contracting states

- CZ Czech Republic
Impact of the European Patent Convention on national law

view 138 kB

- SK Slovakia
Payment of fees in Slovakia

view 75 kB

- TR Turkey
Change of address

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- Guidance for the payment of fees, costs and prices view 29 kB
Calendar of events
Calendar of events view 93 kB

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