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042004 April
Year 27
Pages 157 - 226

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Enlarged Board of Appeal
Communication from the Enlarged Board of Appeal concerning case G 1/04 view 59 KB
Decisions of the boards of appeal
- Technical boards of appeal:

T 708/00 - 3.5.1 - Transmission frame/ALCATEL

" Admissibility of amendments under Rule 86(4) EPC (yes)" - "Admissibility of amendments under Rule 46(1) EPC (yes)" - "Procedural violation (yes)"

view 193 KB
Information from the EPO
- Notice from the European Patent Office dated 26 January 2004 concerning diagnostic methods view 37 KB
- Notice dated 8 March 2004 concerning an updated version of the Request for Grant form view 49 KB
- Registration of European patents (UK) in overseas states or territories view 51 KB
- List of professional representatives before the EPO view 100 kB
Information from the contracting states

- DK Denmark

Payment of fees in Denmark

view 48 kB

- EE Estonia

Impact of the European Patent Convention on national law

view 111 kB

- HU Hungary

Impact of the European Patent Convention on national law

view 129 kB
International Treaties
Synopsis of the territorial field of application of international patent treaties (situation on 1 March 2004) view 198 kB
- Guidance for the payment of fees, costs and prices view 31 kB
Calendar of events
Calendar of events view 98 kB

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