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032004 March
Year 27
Pages 117 - 156

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Information from the EPO
- Extension of European patents to the Republic of Croatia (HR) view 38 KB
- Examination Board for the European qualifying examination
-- Examination results view 35 kB
-- List of references to landmark decisions view 41 kB
-- Announcement of the European qualifying examination 2005 view 222 kB
- List of professional representatives before the EPO view 42 kB

- Disciplinary matters

Appointment of members of the Disciplinary Board of the European Patent Office

view 33 kB
Information from the contracting states

- LU Luxembourg

Payment of fees in Luxembourg

view 39 kB

- SK Slovakia

New fee rates and legal provisions

view 41 kB
- Guidance for the payment of fees, costs and prices view 28 kB
Calendar of events
Calendar of events view 64 kB

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